Welcome to our new series dubbed “The Most Futuristic Week In History”, as we recap the events of a week that is farther forward in time than any week ever!

Right now is truly a momentous time to be alive for several reasons. First off, people who are alive right now happen to be the only people alive. That makes us special in this moment. Secondly, we are the most modern people who have ever lived, and all the things that are happening right now happen to be the newest, most futuristic things. Ever.

This is profound stuff, my friends.

As we have said before, we are the nascent stages of a new era of culture and technology that will change us in ways that we can barely comprehend. We have been referring to this as the Exponential Age, when technological advancement starts hitting hyper speeds. Information technology is breaking out of its paradigm and beginning to interact with the physical world in ways that will enable it to evolve more quickly. As we begin to blur the lines between the cyber world and the material world, we are opening a portal to a tsunami of possibilities, and the best that you and I (2 of the most futuristic people ever!) can do is surf the wave and enjoy the experience.

What’s Happened This Week?


Plumes From Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Hint That It Could Support Life https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/13/science/saturn-cassini-moon-enceladus.html

NASA/JPL-Caltech, via Space Science Institute

This week, scientists have put forward an intriguing theory that one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus, might be able to support alien microbial life based on evidence of hydrogen-rich plumes of gas from beneath its icy surface.

Meanwhile, scientists believe that they may have captured the first picture of a Black Hole, resulting from five nights of diligent observation. This image could open up new frontiers in our understanding of gravity.

Researchers have found surprising evidence that may change everything we know about how our body and mind work together. The “Gate Control Theory of Pain” suggests that our body has a series of mini-brains in our peripheral nervous system that read and interpret sensory information before passing it on to the brain.

Doctors have made strides helping a paralyzed man make strides by implanting an electronic stimulator onto his spinal cord. “It was almost mind-blowing. Right away I was able to move my toes, something I haven’t seen in a while,” the Wisconsin man says.

Computer scientists have set a record by simulating the largest quantum computer yet.


We don't know how AI truly works, which is fascinating and scary. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/604087/the-dark-secret-at-the-heart-of-ai/

MIT Technology Review

With Artificial Intelligence, we are going where we have never gone before, and that might be a bit too bold for some people’s tastes. MIT Technology Review posted a fascinating article about how no one really knows how our most intelligent computers think.

So perhaps, it’s a good time to endow our machines with empathy. Chatbots are learning how to convey emotions beyond emoticons.

Also, the teaser trailer for The Last Jedi was released:

The Last Jedi trailer.

Surf’s Up: A Giveaway & Weekly Picks


Weekly Picks and the Surf's Up Giveaway
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To commemorate our collective surfing into the future, we have put together a collection of great stuff, headlined by a fantastic giveaway of a remarkable product.

BioBoards has developed the Landsurf, a scientifically tested skateboard that provides the real Surf sensation on the land. It not only looks rad, it actually makes you a better surfer while you’re skating to the beach. This is brilliant innovation will be given away for free to a lucky PitchTop user. Just go here to enter Bioboards’ Landsurf giveaway.

Also, check out our collection of weekly picks. Highlights include:

The Jetfoiler, which lets you surf high above the surface by way of an electric hydrofoil propellor.

John McAfee’s EveryKey, a bluetooth device that unlocks everything in your life–phone, car, house, bank account–securely and easily. It interacts with smart devices and automatically logs you into websites when you have it on your person for smoother web surfing.

And the Sphericam is a professional grade 360 degree camera that can help you capture your surfing adventures and more with precision. Stabilize it with the G360 Panoramic Camera Gimbal.

So, congratulations on being a part of The Most Futuristic Week In History. Please share this post with everyone else you know who is alive this week! To show my advanced appreciation, here’s a blast from 25 years in the past (Soundgarden’s “My Wave”):

Soundgarden's 'My Wave'