Seasons change. The onset of Spring symbolizes new beginnings—leaving an unforgiving winter behind for aromas of fresh tendrils, cool breezes, cruising backroads with open tops, and the gentle kisses of the sun. This is a time for nature to emerge and open up new possibilities. In this, The Most Futuristic Week In History, we are given an early taste of what’s to come in the next phase of our species: brain interfaces, atomic lasers, and a plan to fend off the threat of AI devised by none other than Elon Musk.

The Most Futuristic Week In History: April 21, 2017

Elon Musk gives an in depth view into Neuralink, his 3rd CEO company. Neuralink’s goal is to stave off AI’s dominance of human beings by using technology to massively advance our thinking capacity and take the biggest leap in life-form communication since the development of language.

The flying car is now in Pre-order by Aeromobil, for a cool couple million.

Scientists have begun cracking the code behind why recipes taste good. Using data, they’ve found patterns behind how foods are paired differently in different global cuisines. This could lead to new possibilities of recipes generated by computers.

The world’s largest X-ray laser is reaching a new milestone, which could open up new areas of research such as revealing atomic properties of viruses.

In another sign that aging may be reversed within our lifetimes through the mystifying properties of “young blood”, Stanford scientists demonstrated that proteins in mice umbilical cords can rejuvenate older mouse brains.

Facebook announced that it is working on an interface that could allow you to type up to 100 words per minute with just your thoughts, and to hear using only sensations on your skin.

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