The Truman Show was released in 1998, well before reality television established its decades long stranglehold on mainstream culture and years before almost any of us had a webcam or any remote live streaming capability. The prescient film starred the beloved Jim Carrey in his first dramatic role and his saccharine TV wife played by Laura Linney (who is now stealing the show in Netflix’s incredible Ozark series) and dealt with many heavy dystopian themes in an almost fun, airy manner despite the tense Philip Glass soundtrack.

The Truman Show played with ideas ranging from political crazy (a corporation adopting a human being for entertainment purposes) to philosophical (the fundamental science-fiction Man plays God scenario) to technologically clairvoyance, foreshadowing not just Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Big Brother, and arguably, American presidential elections, but also the reality that we are all maybe, probably, almost certainly being watched. The Truman Show captured this latter predicament so well that there’s actually a condition known as The Truman Syndrome: a type of delusion in which the person believes their lives are staged reality shows, or they are being watched on cameras.

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The Truman Show
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