It’s fun to imagine what future robots’ history books will look like. Will they look kindly upon their human creators, extolling the contributions of Charles Babbage, Alan Turing, and George Devol with his UNIMATE? Or will they depict us as greedy masters who maligned their kind with villainous or comedic imagery and view them as merely useful for dirty work? Will they look at the 1970’s dishwasher as a beloved ancestor? Will there even be a universal origin story that they each download and agree upon, or will there be endless factions with different robot ideals and philosophies and competing political movements? Either way, it might be a good time to begin to get acquainted with our potential future overlords, or, at least, save time on our chores while we prepare our anti-robot defense strategies. To help you out, we created this collection dedicated to the emergence of robotics in our daily lives.

The Actev Motors Arrow smart electric go-kart enables you to set maximum speeds and virtual perimeters from your phone, so the future F1 racers in your family can develop their skills without taking off down the highway.

The Hover Camera envisions a future where humans never take photos and don artificial poses again. A companion drone with facial recognition will just follow us around and snap professional looking candid shots while we actually enjoy the moment.

The Line-US drawing arm is a nifty little device that actually draws in real life for you. Rig it up to handwrite notes for you and you can automate sincere apology letters to the robots you may have mistreated in your life.

Robot Overlords
Gladly handing over control

Arrow Smart Go-Kart
The Coolest Toy

The Hover Camera
The New Photographer

Line-us Robot Drawing Arm
Automate Homework

Aurora Smart Lighting Kits
Light Up The Night

Moverio Smart Glasses for D
See What Drones See

Making Ideas Happen
Overcoming the Obstacles

Type-C Multi-Port Adapter
Expand Peripherals

Sony aibo Intelligent Dog R
Man’s New Best Friend

Rise of the Robots
Threat of a Jobless Future

Robot Window Cleaner
Clean High Windows

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